Family Law Firm in Toledo, Ohio

Family law addresses any number of issues that can arise between any and all members of a family. Individuals seeking help as they navigate a variety of issues, including messy and often bureaucratic child custody disputes, need a specialized level of legal support that our team possesses. The Simpson Law Office is available to assist you through the ups and downs of what can bring an ultimately beautiful ending, to the challenge of bringing a precious new life into your home.

Divorce Law Firm in Toledo, Ohio

Getting divorced does not only require that two legally married parties no longer want to stay married.  In Ohio, a couple must meet the state criteria in order to legally dissolve their marital relationship.  With our attorney’s guidance in establishing that at least one of the parties seeking the divorce has been a resident of Ohio for at least 6 months, and that your divorce can be classified as a “fault” or “no fault” procedure, what is often a painful experience can be made a bit easier.  While we certainly understand that divorce is hardly easy, our expertise can help you better digest how to navigate your divorce, your rights as a parent after the decree is finalized, and how your property and earnings may be effected.  These are important issues for which trust of the highest order is needed; that is something we proudly provide.

Child Custody and Child Support Matters in Toledo, Ohio

Because the laws regulating the allocation of the parental rights and legal responsibilities to minor children, (“child custody” is no longer a term used in Ohio)  are complex and often maze- like, The Simpson Law Office is available to help you make sense of what is at stake. Amongst the issues to be dealt with are shared parenting (formerly known as “joint custody”), what constitutes a child’s best interests, and whether or not parents are fit to care for the child altogether.  It is of the utmost importance that the professionals who understand and speak the language of the law help you process what it is you are allowed and entitled to.  We are here to help you make sure you don’t lose the most important of your assets, your children.

The Simpson Law Office is a Family Law Firm that accepts Clients in Toledo and the surrounding areas

Our team and legal advisors are easily accessible and ready to help you whether you have made the decision to end your marriage or must determine who will care for your children and in what capacity after the divorce is complete.  The Simpson Law Office is there to also be of service in making your the dream of adopting a child a reality.   There are far too many children in need of good, devoted, capable parents as well as parents in need of dissolving what was once a unified home.  With all of the issues and circumstances that can derail whatever family law support you need, we are here to make sure that your journey is as smooth and seamless as possible.  Let us help you through the challenging as well as the exciting life changing events you may be facing. These are hard issues to deal with, but finding a law office that can help you make it happen, is not.