Criminal Law Firm in Toledo, Ohio

Criminal law affects countless numbers of individuals and discriminates against no one. While no community is immune to lawlessness and its consequences, there are certain communities that are accused of crimes more often than others.  Certain communities or individuals can find themselves backed into what feels like a hopeless situation. Among the crimes people are often held accountable for?  Domestic abuse, theft, rape, and drug charges.  No matter what you may have been accused of, our team is committed to your defense and being your voice when you need us most.

What is considered domestic abuse in Toledo, Ohio?

Many of us have an idea as to what domestic abuse is, whether from the media, television, or other preconceived notions.  Contrary to what some believe, domestic abuse is not only perpetrated by one spouse, often depicted as the husband to the wife, Domestic violence can occur between spouses, partners, and non romantic relationships of individuals of the same or different genders, siblings, children to adults, and adults  to children.  While child abuse and, on the other end of the spectrum, elder abuse, constitutes its own criminal area, these are nonetheless considered forms of domestic abuse.

Due to the sensitivity and stigma involved in this issue, an arrest is often assumed to be a presumption of guilt.  There are individuals who are falsely accused of domestic violence by angry spouses, jealous partners, or troubled siblings.  This crime has far reaching effects both for the accused as well as the accuser.  As such, a solid defense team is necessary to help clear your name if you are wrongly implicated, or if you need help so you do not abuse again.  Either way, we are here for you.

What happens if you are accused of theft Ohio?

Theft, according to the Ohio penal code, is defined as depriving an owner of property without their consent, in the absence of implied permission to take said property, or lying, threatening, or intimidating someone to give you what is not rightfully yours.  The punishment for such crimes depends on whether or not they are classified as a felony or misdemeanor, can carry penalties that range from community service to long term imprisonment, and can negatively interfere with future employment and housing prospects. Why take a chance with your defense when so much is on the line?

What happens when you are accused of rape in Ohio?

Rape is considered a felony in the state of Ohio and must meet certain criteria in order to be classified as such. If you have been accused of impairing another’s self control or ability to think clearly in order to force someone to have sex, if the person with whom you have had sex is under 13 years of age, or if the alleged victim has mental or physical impairments that significantly impede their ability to choose or resist activity, you may be facing a rape charge.  A solid defense team in a situation of this sort is of the essence.  Rape carries penalties that range from a five year prison sentence to life in jail. We are here to help you get the support you need.

Drug Charges in Toledo, Ohio

Penalties for drug related charges work in concert with the various drug classifications on the market.  If the circumstances warrant, you can be accused of making, selling, trafficking, possessing, cultivating and using illicit substances.  The more controlled the substance and its addictability, the harsher the sentence will be.  As America is in the midst of an opioid crisis, one can be accused of “doing drugs” when you are really doing is taking prescribed pain medication, as ordered.  It is important that you know your rights and that you have a team that can defend them.

The Simpson Law Office can help you with your Toledo Criminal Law Matters

Our law firm and legal counsel are here to help you whether you have been accused of domestic abuse, theft, rape, or drug charges.  There are so many people that are wrongly convicted of crimes they did not commit and we seek to make sure that never happens to our clients.  Facing any type of criminal charge can be devastating, damaging, and cause irreparable pain to all involved.  The Simpson Law office will work with you, the evidence and charges at hand, and work towards finding the best, most productive outcome possible.  Life can be difficult, but choosing the right law office does not have to be.