Criminal Defense Attorney and Family Law Firm in Toledo, Ohio

The Simpson Law Office, located in Toledo, Ohio, concentrates in criminal defense and family law. Our staff provides professional and compassionate representation to individuals seeking counsel for a broad range of criminal and family matters.  The Simpson Law Office provides assistance to those in need of representation in criminal matters, as well as navigating family law concerns that include–but are not limited to: divorce, child custody and support.

Finding yourself on the wrong side of the law can be a nightmare for yourself and those around you.  In our incredibly litigious society, we find that legal counsel is often needed in situations that our clients never anticipated.  As firm believers in innocent until proven otherwise and the related tenets articulated in the sixth amendment of the constitution, you can be sure that we will defend, guide, and support you as you navigate your particular case.

The breadth and depth of both criminal and family law is quite large. In Ohio, these practice areas include issues such as divorce, child custody, and domestic abuse, for family law. In terms of criminal law, OVI/ DUI (operating a vehicle while under the influence/ driving while under the influence), gun control, and assault and battery are a few different matters we help to address.   And while no one hopes to experience a painful divorce or be involved in a wrongful death suit, these things do occur.  There are moments in life that start with joy but end with the need for legal expertise and support. That is what The Simpson Law Office is prepared to help you with.

The Simpson Law Office serves clients in Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding areas

Our clients seek out our experience when the issues they are facing require legal representation.  Based on years of experience in the fields of criminal and family law, our reputation is built on our ability to be there when our clients need us most. We possess the skills to defend, the sensitivity to understand, and the knowledge of when to engage both.

If you are dealing with issues of a criminal or domestic nature, call The Simpson Law Office today for quality legal representation you can count on!